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This Month’s Featured Provider:

Vivek Bansal, MD with Elite MD – Advanced Dermatology, Laser, and Plastic Surgery Institute

Jewell’s words of wisdom – “Ask questions, get answers, and feel confident about your decision!”

“Dr. Bansal’s office is great! Ask questions, get answers, and feel confident about your decision! Thank you Dr. Bansal & Staff”

Martha, felt right at home – “The staff treated me as one of their family members”

“Everyone explained the procedure thoroughly. The staff greeted me and treated me as one of their family members. Dr. Bansal provided the highest tender loving care a patient deserves. He explained every procedure step by step and numerous times to make sure I understood the recovery and surgery.”

Jenesis loved the quality of care provided! – “They were on top of all my care”

“{Dr. Bansal and his staff} were very professional and inviting. They were on top of all my care.”

Phyllis, excited to share her results! – “I have already recommended others”

“Dr. Bansal and staff are fabulous and very informative. I have already recommended others.”

Pamela is so thrilled with her surgery! – “I am very very happy”

“I just had my surgery and I have already recommended Dr. Bansal! I am very very happy.”

Joni’s got her body back! – “I look amazing, what a difference”

“Dr. Bansal is amazing and takes the time to talk with you. The staff is outstanding and I look amazing, what a big difference – before and after. I am so pleased :)”

Jennifer has turned back time – “Everyone says I look 10 years younger”

“This staff is the very best! They don’t just stick a band-aid on a problem, they take care to make the results look the best they can, and also care about how you feel after. Everyone says I look 10 years younger and I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin :)”

Hear about Melody’s top-notch experience! – “I have never felt so completely comfortable and safe”

“Dr. Bansal is truly a doctor who cares about his patients and cares for them as if they were his own family members. I have never felt so completely comfortable and safe as I did with Dr. Bansal and his top notch staff.”

Rebekah gained trust immediately! – “Staff is experienced, it makes the process easier to trust”

“{Dr. Bansal and staff} Friendly, remembered me, explained process and what to expect. It is nice that the staff is experienced in the process, it makes the process easier to trust.”

Samira has never felt so comfortable! – “Very professional and cares about patients”

“I was very scared on the date of surgery. Dr. Bansal came in explained what was going to be done and what to expect after surgery, which was very comforting. Dr. Bansal is very professional and cares about his patients. I would most definitely recommend.”

Raquel knows what she wants!

“He is very concered and caring. He’s patient and listens to what you want.”

Kimm is ready to go out and live her life! – “I look fantastic at 42 years old!”

This surgery has changed my life. My new body has given me the confidence to get off the couch and go out and live my life! I am happier and more energetic, not to mention I look fantastic at 42 yrs old. Dr. Bansal and his staff were very forthcoming with all the information regarding my procedures including risks and aftercare. This surgical experience was the perfect mix of professionalism and compassion. I walked away feeling cared for. I trust Dr. Bansal completely and would encourage my family and friends to use him.”

Linda, feeling more confident than ever – “I was in good hands”

“I was very uneasy about having to have this surgery. Dr. Bansal made me feel safe and confident in moving forward. His counsel was practical, appropriate & realistic. I am very happy with the results and the peace of mind I had knowing I was in good hands made a huge difference.”

Debra, ecstatic with her choice! – “I am glad I chose to have it done”

“My husband and I both are very pleased with the results. I am glad that I chose to have the abdominoplasty done. Dr. Bansal and all of his staff have been very kind and professional. I appreciate that Candy Castillo was available to speak to with any questions that I had.”

Christine knew what to expect, and she loved it!

“Dr. Bansal was very kind courteous & thoroughly explained what I should expect with the procedure.”

Rita, so pleased with results she is ready to recommend!

“Dr. Bansal’s staff are very efficient, caring and informative. I would absolutely recommend him.”

Mariano, very satisfied with results! – “Happy from start to finish!”

Very happy with my entire experience from start to finish. Answered all the questions I had. Very satisfied with my results.

Ruth welcomes her new life with open arms! – “I haven’t felt this good or this healthy in my whole life!”

“It’s not all about the look and aesthetic, it’s about how you feel as a new person! I haven’t felt this good or this healthy in my whole life! I move so much better and have tons of energy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I would absolutely recommend! Everyone was so kind and caring. You really do feel like a member of the family”

Blanche, ready for the remarkable change – “… gives 100% and more care to patients”

“Dr. Bansal gives 100% and more for the care of his patients. He and his staff made me feel so at ease. Yes I’m so pleased with my surgery! Dr. Bansal is the best and the after effect is remarkable.”

Kenzie says goodbye to her back pain once and for all! – “…took almost 15 lbs off my chest!”

“I was given every scenario possible so I would be prepared. Being as large as I was in my breasts, I had severe back pain, not to mention hard to find bras and clothes! Even though I had some hi C cups with the surgery, I now, a year later, have no pain in my back at all. Dr. Bansal took almost 15 pounds off my chest! I feel so much relief!”

Nattaly’s best advice? Ask questions because we are…“definitely willing to answer all and more”

“The entire staff is wonderful and professional. Dr. Bansal explains everything very well and is very honest. Understand that you have to be reasonable when considering your results. Ask questions because Dr. Bansal is definitely willing to answer all and more.”


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