Labiaplasty Procedure

The Labiaplasty Procedure is a popular procedure of the mommy makeover. In some women, the labia can become enlarged and elongated due to excess fat or child birth. This can cause discomfort when wearing certain clothing, occasional hygiene issues, as well as being aesthetically displeasing. Labiaplasty permanently corrects this problem. This procedure involves surgically reducing excess tissue of the labia. Plastic surgeons consider this procedure to be fairly simple. Vaginal rejuvenation is another name for labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty Procedure

Labiaplasty Procedure

Labiaplasty is one of many procedures of the Mommy Makeover. Other procedures include:

Is a labiaplasty procedure right for you?

Labiaplasty should be chosen as part of your Mommy Makeover if you are self-conscious of the size or protrusion of the inner lips or if you experience discomfort of the labia minora with clothes, sex, exercise, etc. Any of these reasons are sufficient to justify a labiaplasty procedure. Do your research and always consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon before committing to labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty risks and recovery?

Risks: Plastic surgeons state that the procedure is relatively straight forward and simple. However, Doctors cite potential risk of bleeding or infection. Proper hygiene and perioperative antibiotics will diminish risk of infection. It is important to avoid aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medication for 10 days prior to surgery.

Recovery: Avoid intercourse for 6-8 weeks after your surgery.

Want to learn more about the labiaplasty procedure?

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Over 87% of labiaplasty patients say it’s worth it! – Data from RealSelf

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