What is the Mommy Makeover

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MommyMakeover.org is the premiere destination for patients who are looking to undergo a Mommy Makeover! MommyMakeover.org features highly rated and experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeons for our patients in your area. No longer will you have to worry if your choice in a Plastic Surgeon is the right one as MommyMakeover.org removes all doubts. After all, doesn’t your body deserve the best?

Choosing a physician for any procedure (plastic surgery, dermatology, or whatever else) is an important, and often times, difficult task. MommyMakeover.org strives to make this process easier for What is a MommyMakeover?our patients. Whether it be a minimally invasive procedure like laser liposuction, or an invasive procedure like tummy tuck or breast augmentation, MommyMakeover.org will help guide you throughout this transforming journey.

As MommyMakeover.org will only feature Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, you know your physician has extensive training in their field and performed countless Mommy Makeover procedures. So start and finish your surgery process knowing you are in good hands.

In order to be featured on MommyMakeover.org, a physician must:

  • Be Board Certified
  • Be a Plastic Surgeon (not a Cosmetic Surgeon)
  • Have numerous good quality patient reviews
  • Have performed a high number of Mommy Makeover procedures
  • Have several years of experience
  • Pass a rigorous pre-qualification checklist that holds our Mommy Makeover physicians to the utmost standards
  • Utilize the newest and most innovative technologies in their practice

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What is a MommyMakeover?

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